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Table games came to Deadwood with the first prospectors, who were eager to get some exciting entertainment out of their freshly found gold nuggets. Today, you'll find several variations of blackjack and poker, including Texas Hold 'Em, Caribbean Stud , 4 Card Poker, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud, War and 3-Card Poker Progressive– all in Deadwood's largest table game area and poker room. Silverado-Franklin dealers will be happy to help you with the rules for each, which are easy to understand. But before you ante up, here are a few helpful notes.

Bet Limits

There is a $1000 bet limit on all games in South Dakota.

Value of Gaming Chips

Silver: $1
Red: $5
Green: $25
Black: $100

Purple- $500

Using your Silverado-Franklin Players Club Card

If you have a Silverado-Franklin Players Club Card (Players Club, Gold Club, Platinum Club or Sensational Seniors Club), be sure to present it at a table before you begin to play. Since the Silverado has one of the best players clubs in town, you can quickly earn points that can be redeemed for valuable gifts and discounts. If you're playing table games, tell the dealer or floor manager that you'd like to have your play rated. Not a current Silverado-Franklin Players Club member? Just stop by our Players Center on the main level and get on in a few seconds.

Entering A Game

Joining, or "buying in" on a game, is simple: just place your chips or cash on the gaming table. Silverado chips can't be purchased from the cashier's cage, so you must obtain them from a gaming table. When performing any transactions with a dealer, you should remember that they are not allowed to take anything from your hand. You must take the initiative to place your cash or coin on the table.


To place a bet, place your chips in the betting area. When the outcome becomes known and the hand is finished, the dealer will figure the payoffs, paying the winners and taking the losing wagers.

The Gaming Table

Personal articles such as purses and bags are not permitted on the gaming table.

To Redeem Chips

While the dealer can sell you chips, he cannot redeem them for cash. In order to cash in, you must go to the cage. If you have a large number of small denominations, ask the dealer to "color up" your chips and he'll exchange them for larger denominations, which makes them easier to carry across the gaming floor.

The Silverado-Franklin team of professionals are some of the friendliest and most skilled in Deadwood. To have the best possible time at our fast-paced tables, we encourage you to ask us any questions before you jump into a game.

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