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Poker Room

Poker Room

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Poker RoomThey say it's a game that takes a half-hour to learn and a lifetime to master. The Silverado Poker room is home to the South Dakota State Poker Championship and the Deadwood Shootout Poker Tournament.

Our spacious Poker Room provides a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you can either learn to play Texas Hold 'Em, or master it and prove you're the best in one of our huge poker tournaments.   

Silverado Franklin Live Poker Games

Wednesday-Sunday starting at 10am! 

Silverado Franklin Poker Tournaments

Wednesday 6:30pm - No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Tournament

$55 Buy-in, $10 Re-buys for the first 6 rounds

Late registration through round 6

Thursday 6:30pm - No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Tournament

$99 Buy-in, Re-entry for the first 6 levels

Played as a month long league where you earn points for being on the final table. 10th place receives 1 pt, 9th receives 2 pts,8th receives 3 pts, etc.

The person with the most points at the end of the month, receives a $1100 seat into the MSPT South Dakota State Poker Championship May 20-22, 2022.

Friday 12pm - No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Tournament

$90 Total Buy-in

Friday 6:30pm - No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Tournament

$196 Total Buy-in

Saturday 2:00pm - Saturday Super Stack Tournament

$240 Total Buy-in

Sunday 3:00pm - Triple Stack Tournament

Entry fee is $33 per stack. Prior to the tournament starting, you can elect to purchase 1, 2, or 3 starting stacks. Once the tournament begins, there are no further add-ons, re-buys, or re-entries into this tournament.

MSPT Deadwood Shootout Poker Tournament

       Oct 21 - 23. $1100 buy-in. $100,000 guaranteed prize package!

       Main event registration begins at noon Friday and Saturday. First paid, first seated.

       MSPT Deadwood Shootout Poker Tournament Schedule

Additional Tournament Information

All tournaments have a mandatory $1 Tournament Bad Beat fee. The tournament bad beat qualifying hand begins at A’s full of K’s getting beat. Each week that the bad beat is not hit, the qualifying hand will decrease by 1 rank per week. (example. Week 1, A’s full of K’s, week 2 A’s full of Q’s, week 3 A’s full of J’s etc. until it is hit at which point, the qualifying hand starts over at A’s full of K’s again.

All tournaments also have an optional dealer add-on. This serves as a staff tip, but you will get extra starting chips!